Best Options For Your Outdoor Patios in San Diego

What Are The Best Patio Cover Material Options

If you have been thinking about the cost of a patio cover, you may want to also consider the type of material that they are made of. It is nice to have a cover over your patio, but if you choose the right material, it will not only last longer, but will also provide a very unique appearance. They can be very attractive and affordable, enhancing the exterior of your home. At the very least, it will provide you with shaded outdoor space. Let's go over the different materials that these are typically made out of so that you can make a logical decision on which patio cover material options will work best for you.

Vinyl Patio Covers

This is probably the best material to use for those that are looking for something that is low maintenance. However, it is recommended that you use this material in areas where there is not a lot of precipitation. They are typically designed for handling mild climates, so if you are in an area like Los Angeles or Florida where warm weather is very common, this is probably the best investment you can make into a patio cover that will last the longest.

Metal Patio Covers

Although you will not get all of the design options that you could with a vinyl patio cover, this one is going to last for a long time. Aluminum is the main material that is used, and they are very easy to install. Even though vinyl has more options, there are many sizes, styles and colors that you can choose from as well. These are typically retractable which means, either manually or automatically, they can be moved with ease. There is one other type that you should consider, especially if you have a rustic landscape that you would like to enhance with a patio cover.

Wood Patio Covers

These are going to be the most elegant in appearance. Some of the most popular include a latticed design. It can provide plenty of shade, and you may also have the added benefit of vines that will grow through the lattice which will add to the landscaping in your backyard. The only drawback with this particular material is that wood patio covers may not last as long as either vinyl or metal. As long as you are using hardwoods, this shouldn't be a problem, and it will definitely be the most attractive of all of the possible choices.

Choosing from all of the best patio cover material options is something that you should take seriously. It is so important to be focused on what will look good, and also what will last the longest. The price for each one is going to vary depending upon their size. You simply need to choose one that is within your budget and also will enhance your outdoor landscaping. You can choose from many companies that offer this type of service to not only sell them to you, but will also install them. This will make it very easy to simply pick and choose from one of the many that are available, something that can be installed in the next few weeks. If you are doing this prior to spring or summer, this is going to be perfect for when you have people come over for barbecues or when your kids have friends over to play. It is definitely a positive decision to make if you want to enhance the exterior of your home and also make participating outside during the warmer months much more pleasant with the additional shade.

Why Patio Covers Make For An Excellent InvestmentĀ 

Enhancing the physical appearance of your home can be done in so many ways. Whether you think of giving a new touch of design to your home or embellishing it to impress guests, many great ideas may come to mind. All it takes is your creativity and you will end up with awesome results. You may never know, but there is another thing that can increase your investment: patio covers. Most homeowners have used this strategy to get optimal return on investments and you can also try it yourself. Continue reading to see how a patio cover can benefit you greatly. 

Affordable Solution 

Of course, you want to save some money so you make sure that everything you buy will be worth the money. Adding patio covers to a home will make you save more. The key is to pay attention in finding value-boosting and good-looking patio covers. Try to browse the web and you will find hundreds of wonderful ideas produced by creative minds. In fact, you can find great companies that offer cost-efficient solutions to your patio needs. Shop around to find amazing discounts. 

Makes Outdoors More Attractive 

A patio shade makes a big difference over a typical cement slab in outdoor areas. If you love the view outdoors, this is the perfect addition to give more value to your home. They are available in a wide array of designs and features tailored to your standards. They make your place look elegant and classy. Furthermore, you can get custom designs and plan to obtain a functional and economical solution based on your unique needs. 


Take advantage of getting a custom design for your patio cover. You can seek for the help of experts to quickly and professionally design your patio cover that will be used for home or business purposes. You can think of custom designing the garden rooms, insulated covers, column styles, roof, and color combinations.

Improving Your Patio Covers For Business

When designing or installing a patio area, always consider that it should possess most of the interior space features. Doing so helps maintain brand consistency, ambience and style. If you are a business owner, your main goal is to obtain the best ROI or return on investment. The kind of patio cover you install can have a huge impact on how much it increases your home's value. A rough calculation can be done by an expert to see a possible boost in ROI over the long term.

Patio Cover Type 

Every patio cover corresponds to the specific needs and standards of a business or residential property. For example, restaurant owners can consider a retractable patio cover or shade. This type of patio cover can adapt to the weather condition whether it is a sunny day or a rainy season. Besides, various styles are available for your patio covers. Thus, you won't run out of choices. 

Patio covers are widely used by many home and business owners. It is because they give additional value to any residential or commercial structure. Don't hesitate to consult a professional to seek guidance in selecting the right patio cover for your specific application.

10 Tips For Hiring Patio Cover Designers In San Diego

As soon as homeowners realize spring is right around the corner, they set into a frenzy or a panic to prepare the yard for outdoor living. If last year was a scorcher, partly because there was not quite enough shade, then patio covers top the to-do list. 

Once people decide they need a patio cover, they go on some wild goose chases, deciding that they need a "San Diego patio cover designer". It turns out patio covers provide the shade and go by several technical or official terms. 

The people who design them may include carpenters, landscape designers, landscape architects, architects, and landscapers. Typically, though, focus on finding professionals in your area who are dedicated to outdoor living and design. A landscape architect is the right person for the job if there are flooding concerns, with a special training and licensing to design practical and functional covers that are also great looking. 

Instead of ending up with a mishmash of styles and designs, get the plans in place before doing any work. It might sound costly, because hiring a landscape architect may cost a couple thousand dollars, but it is worth it. Here's why. 

They can design a master plan that works with your personal style and taste. They will survey your land beforehand to identify any areas prone to flooding and erosion, or that could be revitalized to help you enjoy the space better. As you have time and money to add onto the yard's features, it will all work together thanks to the landscape architect's plans.  


More than ever, the materials used in building on the indoors or outdoors are changing. These days, recycled plastic, rubber, wood, fiberglass and even aluminum are among the materials you may find making up a portico, awning, or other outdoor structure.  

Patio Covers Vs. Pergolas

People often call patio covers what the designer might relabel an awning or a portico. It depends on what it is covering. Both structures are attached from one side to the home. At least two poles will be planted into the ground. 

A portico might cover the entryway to your home, meanwhile. It also has two poles in the ground, with the overhang being attached to the house itself. Many people talk about pergolas when they want a patio cover. Though, not to be too confusing, that's an entirely separate structure, quite literally. 

The pergola might cover a seating area up near the pool, in other words, where there is no other structure for which it to be attached. The pergola is free-standing, with its poles entirely buried in the ground. 

Sticker Shock

Be prepared for some sticker shock. If the designer and their team do the job right, the posts for the pergola or a patio cover/awning will need to be cemented into the ground, or otherwise anchored into place. They may need to hire people to dig holes, and secure the poles with cement. 

Start with a master plan. Get the right materials from the start so that you may enjoy the future of your yard starting today.

Patio Cover and Sunroom Options In San Diego

Let RKC Construction Build A Patio Cover Or A Sun Room Just For You!

What better way to enjoy sunny San Diego than by creating an outdoor space in your yard for family and friends? The right sun room or patio cover can extend your living space and help you mesh the boundaries between the outdoors and the indoors. Of course, no building project is complete with the right professionals to help out, which is why we highly recommend hiring RKC Construction for a job done right!

Get A Free Estimate

Whether you need a simple patio cover or a fully designed functional sun room, the first step to getting your dream extension is getting a free estimate. You only need a few minutes of your time to fill in a few online questions in order to get a quote for your project. There are no restrictions, and whether big or small, RKC Construction is happy to work with all homeowners!

Sign Up For A Painless Experience

If you choose to okay the free estimate you receive, the next step is to share your vision with design professionals. The design team will work with you every step of the way to come up with a plan that you feel comfortable with. Our team of designers want you to have a painless and stress-free experience, which is why your needs come first before anything else!

Choose A Unique Design

Since our design team has many years of experience working with clients, they want to help you make your truly unique design come to life. That means allowing you to become a part of the simple planning stages and to choose the materials you want for the construction project. 

Patio Cover Options

Our patio cover designs are guaranteed to add comfort and value to your home. If you prefer your patio cover to be located away from your home, you can make use of a large yard space by opting for a freestanding structure. For a more traditional look that lets in minimal sunlight but allows for plenty of airflow, choose a lattice patio cover. If you prefer to completely block the sun and get shelter from potential rain, a solid aluminum patio cover looks modern and functional.

Sun Room Options

We believe in letting the homeowner choose what they want, which is why you can choose the roofline of your sun room. For a sleek modern look, our Sunscape design has a flat roof that gives it a semi-detached appearance. To blend your sun room with your existing roofline, The Horizon features a sloped roof. All of our sun rooms have insulated roofs to give you optimal energy efficiency and save you money.

Are you ready to enjoy the sunshine outdoors? Why not add function and value to your San Diego property by allowing RKC Construction to create the patio cover or the sun room of your dreams. Our fair pricing and quality construction are sure to give you years of enjoyment of your yard!