Located on San Diego Bay, the Maritime Museum of San Diego features a world-class collection of historic vessels. Visitors can tour and board these ships to learn about maritime history. Visitors also have the option to book a sail aboard several of the museum’s vessels. Call your friends and family to explore the museum at 1492 N Harbor Dr, San Diego, CA 92101.

The Maritime Museum of San Diego is the perfect place for families to explore the history of San Diego’s maritime heritage. This museum features large and small sailing ships, old-fashioned yachts and two steamboats. Its exhibits cover maritime exploration and technology, as well as a look into the history of the Navy in San Diego.

One of the most famous vessels at the Maritime Museum of San Diego is the Star of India, which was built in 1863 and is the oldest active sailing ship in the world. It has sailed from Great Britain to India and other parts of the world more than twenty times. It is now a National Historic Landmark. The Maritime Museum of San Diego was founded in 1948 by a group of local historians.

There are also several other permanent exhibits, including a charting the sea exhibit that highlights the evolution of navigation and sailing. The museum also has a fleet of three ships that offer excursions. Visitors can book excursions on a schooner, a sailing yacht or a submarine.

The Maritime Museum of San Diego also offers tours of its collection of submarines. The museum’s submarines are not only fun to look at, but they are also important to the history of San Diego. Visitors can also learn about the history of naval tattoos. They can also view the museum’s collection of Cold War submarines, including the USS Dolphin, which served as a research vessel in the deep waters of the Pacific Ocean for over twenty years. The museum also has a B-39 Soviet submarine, which was built during the 1970s and commissioned during the Cold War. The B-39 was a Soviet Foxtrot-class attack sub that tracked U.S. warships during the Cuban Missile Crisis.

The Maritime Museum of San Diego has many other ships, including a 1904 steam yacht, a replica of the first America’s Cup yacht, and a replica of a Revenue Cutter built during the California gold rush. The Maritime Museum of San Diego is located along central San Diego’s Embarcadero. The museum is open Monday through Sunday. Visitors can purchase tickets at the Museum Ticket Booth. These machines accept credit and debit cards and do not take cash.

The Maritime Museum of San Diego offers visitors a unique experience, allowing them to see how mankind’s connection with the ocean has shaped civilizations throughout the centuries. The Museum also has a special mission to preserve and display the history of San Diego’s seafaring heritage. The Museum of Man also offers boat rides and a swift boat tour that passes by several naval bases in the area. The Maritime Museum of San Diego has a great reputation for restoring historic vessels, and it is a fun place to visit with the whole family.

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