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Enjoy the beautiful San Diego weather in one of our high-quality patio covers.

During the warm summer months, the intense heat of the sun can make the experience less than comfortable. Fortunately, we have an easy, cost-effective solution. Our high-quality patio covers are designed to shield you, your family, and your guests from the sun’s rays so you can enjoy outdoor picnics, barbecues, and parties even on the warmest days.

High-Quality Aluminum Patio Cover

A high-quality patio cover will protect you from the hot and humid weather in the summer months. In fact, a new patio cover is one of the most affordable home improvement projects that can be undertaken by a homeowner. It can protect your outdoor furniture from the UV rays of the sun and keep them in excellent shape in the long run. A customized patio cover will extend your outdoor living space allowing you and your family to spend more time in the backyard regardless of the weather. Although many homeowners don’t realize, a quality patio cover can help keep the interior of your home cooler during the summer months by shading the windows. A custom aluminum patio cover requires little or no maintenance at all. These are some of the important advantages of an aluminum patio cover.

We install any style of patio cover including: traditional open style lattice patio covers, solid style insulated laminated patio covers, combination style Elitewood patio enclosures, Alumawood aluminum patio enclosures, awnings, pergolas, and patio enclosures. Our patio enclosures feature optional Illumaview™ Skylight Systems and ceiling fans and are fully customize-able to fit your material and color preferences.

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Solar panels can be installed on any 4″ insulated patio cover. Panels will be specifically engineered for your home.

RKC Construction is San Diego’s leader in custom aluminum patio covers

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Open Style Patio Cover

Select the amount of shade you prefer with a traditional style open lattice patio cover. Open style patio covers can also provide a cooling ventilation effect for your covered patio area.

Solid Style Patio Cover

Complete protection from the sun or rain. Solid style patio covers are available in both insulated and non-insulated models. Ceiling fans and light fixtures are also optional.

Patio Covers
Patio Covers

Combination Style Patio Cover

Get the best of both worlds with a combination style patio cover and enjoy your patio rain or shine. Custom design your patio cover for a complete outdoor living experience.

Free standing Patio Covers

Patio Covers
Patio Covers
Patio Covers

Lattice Patio Covers

Patio Covers
Patio Covers
Patio Covers

Solid Patio Covers

Patio Covers Jamul
Patio Covers Jamul
Patio Covers Jamul

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Add Value To Your Property With A Shaded Backyard By RKC Construction
When the weather starts to warm up outside, it’s important to embrace all that the great outdoors has to offer by making the most of your yard. Even in this day and age, many homeowners skip adding value to their properties by not installing patio covers in sunny San Diego! Of course, little do these homeowners know that they’re missing out on a fantastic way to not only increase the value of their properties, but increase the amount of outdoor living space they can enjoy. If cost is a determining factor for you, RKC construction can help you design and build the patio cover of your dreams even on a tight budget!

Awnings Jamul

*Of course, one of the biggest advantages of having patio covers installed on your property is that it can block the harmful rays of the sun. Instead of sitting outside in direct sunlight and risking sunstroke, you can easily barbecue, host outdoor parties, and enjoying reading a book on the warmest days. Patio covers come in all shapes and sizes, therefore, you can choose the amount of protection you receive from direct sunlight that’ll make your home bearable during the hot and humid weather in summertime.

Alumawood Patio Covers Jamul

*Opting for patio covers is also a smart move because it can increase the value of your property should you look to sell in the near future. Outdoor living is an integral part of enjoying all that San Diego has to offer, which is, of course, everything that a potential buyer would want in a property. The patio cover you have installed right now by a professional company is a cover that will earn you back significant money when you look to sell.

Pergolas Jamul

*Have you considered the damage that direct sunlight can cause to your furnishings? Leaving your patio furniture outdoors year-round will cause them to eventually disintegrate in the sun. The harmful UV rays you subject your furnishings to will not only cause discoloration, but it will cause the components it’s manufactured from to break down over time. Adding a patio cover to your property and leaving your furnishings under it can help ensure their longevity and save you money in the long run.

*You may not realize it, but did you know that a quality patio cover can actually reduce indoor temperatures in your home? Since your patio cover is able to shield at least half of your home, it can ensure that your home isn’t always in direct sunlight. In short, your patio cover will reduce indoor room temperatures and make them more bearable, therefore, you don’t have to run your air conditioner all day long.

Why You Need RKC Construction

Installing a patio cover can be dangerous and cumbersome to do on your own, but a company like RKC construction can make the process go off without a hitch. You may be thinking that’s extra money that you have to spend, but there are numerous advantages to letting professionals take care of your installation needs!

*Professionals can ensure that your pergola cover is installed properly and up to code. You need to consider that, meanwhile, you can certainly try to take a DIY approach to installing a patio cover, it’ll never go off without a hitch and it won’t look as good as if a professional company installed it for you. Not to mention, it can be dangerous to install a patio cover as it’s heavy and tall, therefore, there are plenty of ways that you can get hurt on the job & even if you had the best intentions.

*RKC construction can help you choose the  for your needs. You can choose from solid and open styles as well as stand-alone structures or semi-attached structures. A professional company can help you assess and evaluate your needs and make recommendations based on how you would like to use your. You’ll also learn more about the installation process and how  can benefit your property, therefore, you’ll make wiser choices when making your initial purchase.

*Hiring experts to install your  means you can enjoy it that much sooner. Professionals can have your up and running in virtually no time at all & all you need to do is schedule an appointment! Though you’ll have to factor in installation costs, you can stay safe and enjoy your  as soon as possible. This is especially worth taking into consideration if you’re looking to add value to your property and flip it quickly, or if you’re hosting a big event!

*It’s guaranteed that you’ll save money with patio enclosures that have been professionally installed. Since experts in the construction company know exactly what they’re doing, you won’t make any costly mistakes that can be hard or impossible to repair. Bear in mind that your patio cover doesn’t come cheap, so taking chances with installation and doing it wrong may mean spending even more money down the line.

RKC Construction can help you design and build the patio cover of your dreams! Not only will you add value and usable space to your property, but by hiring professionals to do the work for you, you can enjoy your Jamul patio cover that much sooner.

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Patio Covers by RKC Construction At RKC Construction, high-quality patio covers are our specialty. A wide selection of aluminum, alumawood and building protectors are available to suit the needs and tastes of any homeowner looking for a better way to keep out the sun and enjoy the warm, gorgeous weather with family and friends. As a locally owned business, our commitment is to deliver the best workmanship for all our patio covers so that you can enjoy years of beautiful coverings that require little maintenance. Our Energy Efficient Patio Cover Options Our quality aluminum patio covers are some of the longest-lasting covers that offer the beauty of wood with the appearance of wood textures. But these covers all come solidly built with a Limited Lifetime Warranty. You can install solar panels on some of our insulated covers, so check out what we have to offer. Elitewood Aluminum Patio Covers - These are made of thick aluminum and are primed before paint is applied. These covers require very little maintenance and are resistant to insects and all kinds of weather elements. There are a variety of Elitewood products to select. All of them are built to last for many years all while producing a visual appeal that adds instant style to your home’s exterior. They can even add value to your home, so they are an excellent investment. Each different type comes with a wood texture that looks like the real thing but it is totally resistant to insects including termites. These items are lightweight even though they are built to last for years. You can purchase Elitewood aluminum products to fit any custom size need. They are also crack resistant and will never warp. You also never need to repaint them, so when we tell you that they are built to last, they are. More than Patios Sometimes you want shading to relax on a hot day all while keeping cool undercover. But, you also need some extra space. Choose our Alumawood Shade Structures. These are great items that will allow you to extend the living space from your home to the outdoors. Create your own outdoor kitchen or use it as an outside oasis where you can relax on a chaise lounge and read a book. These are also resistant to the rain, sun, and snow and are a great investment to make. Choose a Liferoom to create a whole new room of your house outside. It extends and closes at the touch of a button. We are proud of the work that we do in the Lakeside, CA region. Our services are available to both homeowners as well as business owners. Choose our company for your custom patio cover job. Our work does not stop until you are completely happy with it. Take a look at our reviews online and visit the BBB to see our Accredited Business A+ rating. If you want a patio cover for your home, come to us and see how one of our aluminum covers can give you the patio of your dreams.
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