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Enjoy the beautiful weather under a traditional open style aluminum lattice patio cover, keep the sun out with a solid style insulated laminated patio cover, or get the best of both with a combination style Elitewood patio cover. Our open, solid, & combination aluminum patio covers will fulfill any style preference and compliment any patio.


See your world in a whole new light with a Metals Building Products Sunroom! 

We offer two different styles of sunrooms; The Horizon and The Sunscape. The Horizon sunroom has an insulated roof that is pitched to compliment your existing roof lines and The Sunscape has an insulated flat, solid roof. 


Enjoy everything you love about being outside with all the comforts of being inside. LifeRoom is best described as a hybrid between a traditional patio cover and a sunroom. With LifeRoom, you are in total control of your environment. Entertain guests, watch a movie, or enjoy a romantic dinner, all within the comfort of your LifeRoom.



Add value and visual appeal to your home with decorative concrete or paving stones. Choose from a variety of concrete colors from Davis Colors to match any design requirement or give the look and feel of real stone with a fraction of the price with Angelus Paving Stones.


Whether you're building your dream home or replacing your old windows, add value to your home with ENERGY STAR® energy efficient windows. Our windows come in traditional and custom sizes and are made with vinyl that won't conduct heat or cold.


Mix style and security with a classic French sliding patio door or stick with a classic style sliding patio door. Our sliding patio doors feature smooth gliding stainless steel rollers that provide long lasting durability and are equipped with energy efficient insulating tempered glass.

Your patio is a place where you can sit back, relax, and enjoy the beautiful weather. But during the warm summer months, the intense heat of the sun can make the experience less than comfortable. Fortunately, we have an easy, cost-effective solution. Our high-quality aluminum patio covers are designed to shield you, your family, and your guests from the sun's rays so you can enjoy outdoor picnics, barbecues, and parties even on the warmest days.

Solar panels can be installed on our 4" insulated patio covers. Panels will be specifically engineered for your home. Energy efficiency at its best.


Whether you're looking to install a single screen or build an entire screen room or sunroom, we have the tools to get the job done. RKC Construction is a licensed Four Seasons Sunrooms Dealer. We offer two different styles of sunrooms; The Horizon and The Sunscape. The Horizon sunroom has an insulated roof that is pitched to compliment your existing roof lines and The Sunscape has an insulated flat, solid roof. All of our sunrooms are installed with vinyl windows featuring high-performace, low-E glass.

Solar panels can be installed on our 4" vinyl double pane sunrooms. Panels will be specifically engineered for your home. Energy efficiency at its best.


Whether you want to enjoy the great outdoors, hang out with friends on a rainy night, or watch a movie, the LifeRoom will accommodate at the click of a button. LifeRoom's feature motorized Smooth Glide Screens that can be raised or lowered for privacy or to keep the bugs out. Simply touch a button to instantly lower LifeRoom's screen and even stormy weather can't rain on your party.

LifeRoom takes being cool to a whole new level with its innovative, unique, Cool Mist Climate System and Soft Breeze Technology. Not only do LifeRoom's screens keep bugs and rain out, they also double as amazing projection screens. Soft, soothing, blue LED Mood Lighting illuminates each Smooth Glide Retractable Screen for a calm, relaxing atmosphere.


  • Smooth Glide Motorized Screens
  • Mood Lighting
  • Soft Breeze Technology
  • Cool Mist Climate System
  • Glazed Skylights
  • Pollen/Allergy Protection
  • Quick Release Screen
  • Concealed Gutter System

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High-quality balcony covers will protect you from the hot and humid weather in the summer months. In fact, a new veranda cover is one of the most affordable home improvement projects that can be undertaken by a homeowner. It can protect your outdoor furniture from the UV rays of the sun and keep them in excellent shape in the long run. A customized deck cover will extend your outdoor living space permitting you and your family to spend more time in the backyard regardless of the weather. Although many homeowners don't realize, a quality aluminum patio cover can help keep the interior of your home cooler during the summer months by shading the windows. A custom patio roof requires little or no maintenance at all. These are some of the important advantages of a courtyard cover.


Aluminum patio covers are the best and cheapest way to go when adding on to your home.


We also offer enclosed metal frame solutions.


Many homeowners prefer relax outdoors with a drink in their hand. This ideal scenario can be ruined at times with a drizzle or too much of sunshine. Awnings are a simple solution to this complex problem. They have become extremely popular among a majority of homeowners these days. Coverings can offer the required outdoor space you need and protect you from the sun or rain at the same time. Other than improving your living space, there are many other important benefits of an awning. The sun can cause a lot of problems. People are at risk of contacting skin cancers when they are excessively exposed to harmful UV rays from the sun. Retractable sun awnings are an ideal solution for this problem. They help lessen the skin cancer risk and shade you from the hot and humid sun during the summer months. The same way, awnings can protect you from drizzles and heavy showers too. 


A pergola is an outdoor room which includes cross rafters but no walls. It helps provide a light, airy and inviting place for the homeowners to relax or dine. Pergolas are usually much larger than patios, and they are free standing most of the time. But they can also be attached to another building if required. There will not be any complicated connections between the pergola and any other part of your home since it is a free standing structure. An areaway will help maximize your usable outdoor space. The homeowner can decide how much shade or sunlight the gazebo will provide by taking into consideration the area where you plan to build the unit, the season, time of the day as well as the angle at which the sun would shine. A reputed construction company will help you design and install the best pavilion in your outdoor.

Sunrooms have become quite popular in many homes these days. You are designing a private "get away" spot in your own garden by adding a sunroom to your home. You can spend hours and hours in the sunroom relaxing and enjoying the natural light. On the other hand, a sunroom will increase the square footage of your existing home. It provides a unique and beautiful atmosphere for entertaining, dining, relaxing, and a perfect spot for a hot tub. It can also add to the curb appeal of your home and increase its resale value as a result. A sunroom is the best way to experience the outside while being inside your home. It can also be considered a home addition that extends the warmer season. These are some of the main advantages of adding a sun shade to your home. A sun parlor, solarium or sun parlor is perfect for any backyard, room or home addition.

Garden Rooms

Garden rooms come with so many important benefits. They are an essential extension of your home that provides additional living space that is free from the main home. It is a room in your garden. Many homeowners use this room as an office or as a place to entertain guests outside the house. Homeowners love the convenience offered by a garden room. They are quite cheap to build and install. This is why common place rooms are extremely popular in many homes these days. They can be assembled quickly without any disturbances to the homeowners. Choose a reliable contractor when designing and installing a garden room in your garden.

Sliding Glass

Sliding doors are becoming quite popular in today's workplaces as well as some homes. This is because of the numerous benefits offered to a homeowner by these openings. In fact, sliding gate help save space and reduce installation costs at the same time. For example, a three-foot wide swinging door will take up to nine square feet of floor space as it opens. But for such a door to open to its full 180 degrees, it would require approximately 14 square feet of clear floor space. This is where a sliding door comes in handy. Look for an experienced construction company when installing sliding doors in your home or office.


French doors are another type of door that is becoming quite popular in most homes these days. They have come a long way in adding to the overall design aesthetics of your home. Whether you plan to install them inside your house or in the area that leads to the outdoor, French entry ways are a great addition to your home. They add to the value of your home as well as offer a host of other important benefits. These doors are extremely customizable and offer great flexibility to the homeowner. They can have custom security locks built in for added security to your home. French doors can help add a spacious environment in your home. They give an illusion of extra space in your home while offering the clear view of the rest of the home. You can easily close off private spaces in your home by hanging curtains in French doors. These door frames also function as windows and improve the light condition inside the house. The homeowner is spared of adding additional windows in his house thanks to French doors which is another important benefit of these doors.


Interior doors are essential for modern houses. There is much more to an inside door than its functionality. It can help enhance the design style of your home. It also helps keep your loved ones safe and secure inside the house. Chosen wisely, a quality internal door even will add to the resale value of your home. This is why it is essential that you choose the best construction company when designing and installing interior doors in your home. Interior doors are made of a number of materials. You need to select the most appropriate material to go with the other windows and doors in your home. Take your time to consider which material is best for your home when purchasing an interior door for your home.

Entry Way

Entry doors are an essential component of any home. Whether you are building a new home, remodeling your existing home or even replacing the existing doors with energy-efficient new doors and windows, entry doors are an essential part of your home. One of the main factors to consider is the material of the door. Wood, steel, and fiberglass are the major materials that are quite popular among a majority of homeowners today. Each of these materials has their own advantages as well as disadvantages. Fiberglass and steel are the most preferred options due to the limitations of wood lobby doors. Fiberglass is a modern choice among entry doors which has numerous advantages compared to wood entry doors. It is energy-efficient, comes with little to no maintenance, and is flexible to be designed in numerous ways. These doors are easily customized to the requirements of the homeowner.


Decorative concrete provides numerous advantages to your driveway. In fact, decorative cement coatings can add a touch of style to any home improvement project. A homeowner doesn't have to rely on functional but boring concrete thanks to the availability of decorative concrete. It helps improve the aesthetics of your construction project. Decorative concrete offers design flexibility to any project. A homeowner can use decorative concrete to create acid-etched, stained, stamped or polished floors. Concrete is usually strong and durable. Add a decorative concrete coating on top on normal concrete and you will get an aesthetically appealing as well as a timeless floor. Your floors will last for many many years to come when you add a decorative asphalt coating on top of a normal concrete floor. Choose a high-quality construction company to design and install the best decorative concrete floors and driveways in your home.


Stamped concrete is quite popular in most of the modern homes. The value of this specialized concrete presents itself over and over in all types of construction projects. Driveways, patios, malls, and theme parks are some of the most popular places where this type of concrete is added. They are quite durable and come with little or no maintenance. Engraved concrete doesn't need resetting or replacing in the long run. This is one of the main advantages of this product. It completely eliminates tripping hazards in homes, parks, and resorts, etc. Impressed concrete is less labor-intensive compared to other surface materials. It is much easier to pour concrete and create a pattern than hauling and placing individual paving stones by hand. Increased longevity and increased resale value of your home are some of the other important benefits of this type of concrete.


Replacing your existing windows in the home is considered a great home improvement project by a majority of homeowners. Replacing windows will provide a better energy efficiency and greater comfort to your home. New windows will offer a stunning impact on the exterior of your home. It will help enhance the curb appeal of your home. Another advantage is new windows are designed to be low maintenance compared to older windows. If you choose vinyl windows, you will never have to paint your windows again. Fiberglass windows are also extremely stable, and the original paint on such windows will last a lifetime. These windows also hold up against any harsh weather compared to older windows. This is why you need to choose a reliable service provider to replace the existing windows in your home.


If you are planning to replace your existing windows, you need not look further than vinyl windows. In fact, there are more than aesthetic benefits of using vinyl windows in your home. They are usually multi-glazed which is great for saving energy inside your home. Vinyl windows are quite energy efficient which keeps the heat inside the house during colder months. It also improves the efficiency of the air conditioner during warmer months. These windows are usually scratch-free and do not require maintenance other than the occasional clean with a suitable window cleaner. They come in a great choice of colors, styles, and sizes. These are some of the most important advantages of installing vinyl windows in your home.  

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Replacing the existing windows in your home with energy efficient fresh windows is one of the best ways to spend your home improvement money. It can add aesthetic appeal as well as resale value to your home. On the other hand, almost all modern windows are energy efficient compared to older windows. New windows come with so many important benefits. Vinyl, wood, fiberglass, and steel are some of the most popular materials used for new windows. You need to choose the best material to suit the architecture of your home as well as your budget. New windows should be installed by a professional construction company in the area. Although there may be numerous service providers in the area, not all these services are top-notch. This is why you need to do the homework when picking the right construction company to install new windows and doors in your home. RKS Construction Inc. is one of the best service providers for this purpose including patio tops.

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    If you're considering adding decorative concrete to your home, RKC Construction can provide you with top-notch workmanship. Your concrete will be installed by certified, experienced professionals; each project we complete is personalized to the preferences of our clients.

    Before starting our work, we'll go over all of the options and create a unique plan that fulfills your needs. We offer competitive pricing, and our free estimates thoroughly explain our charges. Our company is proud to be fully licensed and insured, and we'll complete your project in a safe and efficient manner. You can rely on us to be respectful of your property as we work.

    Choose a Brickform stamp pattern and a Davis color, or choose some beautiful Angelus pavers.



    We offer a unique selection of window brands, and our friendly staff members can assist you with choosing an option that will look great in your home. Our locally owned and operated company offers free estimates, and with our competitive pricing, you can rest assured that you're getting an excellent value for your money.

    Our business is fully licensed and insured, and your windows will be carefully installed by our team of certified, experienced professionals. To ensure that we provide workmanship that will endure over time, we'll use high-quality materials, and we'll thoroughly inspect our work to make sure your new windows fit securely. Our commitment to excellence is reflected in our A+ BBB certification, and we work hard to finish each job promptly.

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    Along with windows, we also install vinyl and entry doors that will fit any taste or design requirement. Please give us a call for more information regarding vinyl or entry doors and one of our installation experts will be more than happy to help you select the best style and material to fit your specific needs.

    Our business is fully licensed and insured, and your doors will be carefully installed by our team of certified, experienced professionals. Our commitment to excellence is reflected in our A+ BBB certification, and we work hard to finish each job promptly.