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Financing Options

Financing Options
By partnering with local governments, Hero helps make energy efficiency upgrades more affordable for homeowners. Financing options include low down payments, long term repayments, tax benefits, and more.

Quick Approval Process

Home equity and dept payment history, rather than credit score, is primary approval basis.

Fixed Rates, Longer Terms

Fixed rates along with flexible terms of 5-25 years. Payments are made along with property taxes.

Potential Tax Benefits

Interest on payments may be tax deductable.
Financing Options
Improve your family’s comfort, health and safety – save big on your monthly energy bills and boost the value of your most important investment with financing options offered by Ygrene.


0% Down Payment


100% Financing


No Payments up to 17 months*

Financing Options

EnerBank energy efficiency home improvement loans are available exclusively through authorized contractors who have been approved to offer financing options to their customers.

Financial Flexibility

80% approval rate for all applicants.

Flexible Payment Options

Cash up front with 0% or low interest options.

Skip Saving

Start your project now instead of waiting to save up.

Free Mobile App

EnerBank’s new Mobile Loan App combines the convenience of technology with the support and service of their lending department.

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