Located at 2471 Congress St, San Diego, CA 92110, the Casa Del Rey Moro African Latin Museum (formerly the African Heritage Museum) is a museum dedicated to preserving the legacy of the African community. With a collection of African artifacts and furnishings, the museum provides visitors with a glimpse into the history of the African people in America. Visitors can also take a free tour of the museum.

The museum’s exhibits provide visitors with a glimpse of the history of the African people, as well as the history of colonial Africa. There are three rooms filled with interesting items and artifacts that visitors can explore. The museum is open seven days a week. It is recommended that visitors spend at least a few hours to experience all of the exhibits.

The museum also offers free tours, as well as virtual events. The museum’s website also provides online resources that visitors can use in order to conduct further research. There is a cafe at the museum that serves cultural dishes and fresh produce from the museum’s ethnobotany garden.

Visitors can also participate in a community-based research project called Cultivando Voz (Cultivating Words). The project aims to engage the community by creating public film screenings, as well as discussion programs for youth. The project will feature regional leaders and educators as well as youth participants in the North County San Diego area.

The Chuck Ambers African Latin Museum in Old Town San Diego, California
Located in Old Town San Diego, the Chuck Ambers Museum celebrates the cultural history of African people. Its owner is a professor of African History. He specializes in the social structures of African societies, as well as the complex history of African countries. He also has a huge collection of African artifacts.

His museum features a collection of items that represent 6,000 years of African history. The museum has seven interactive exhibits, each with study guides. They overlap California public school curriculum, and help students learn about African cultural history. There are also 400 audio-video tapes and over 6000 books in nine languages.

There are also murals commemorating important leaders of African culture. In addition to the exhibits, there is a bookstore/gift shop with educational items and African cultural items. There are also free tours of the museum. There is also a virtual event series, including discussions about African Americans in Latin America.

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The museum is open seven days a week, from 10am to 7pm. It is located in the Barrio Logan neighborhood of Old Town San Diego. It is closed on Mondays. However, there are virtual events, such as the Malcom X birthday panel, available online.

The Chuck Ambers Museum is a personal labor of love by Professor Chuck Ambers. He has a passion for history and wants to maintain the legacy of African culture. He is a professor of African studies and Afro-Latin africology. He has traveled to ten African countries and has a vast collection of African artifacts. The museum has a library and research center. He has collected over 8,000 slides, in 26 presentations. There are framed graphics, books, and more.

The museum is located on Congress Street in Old Town. It is in a renovated water tower that has been converted into a multicultural art center. The building has several murals inside, as well as flags. It was originally the Douglas Hotel, a historic Black building in San Francisco. In fact, jazz greats such as Miles Davis and Stan Kenton performed there.

It is recommended that visitors plan to spend at least two hours at the museum. The museum is located in a crowded building with many items to see. There are books, sculptures, photographs and more. There are also several murals in the African room, depicting historical African culture. The museum also has a bookstore/gift shop with educational items and African cultural items.

The African Heritage Museum is located in the Barrio Logan neighborhood of Old Town San Diego. It offers self-guided tours, as well as group reception facilities. The museum also has an online library of books on African and San Diego Black history. There are also virtual events, such as a Malcom X birthday panel. There are also tours of the museum and museum-quality African items for sale.

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