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No matter how large or small your project is, we offer free on-site estimates so you can get an idea of cost involved, get to know us, and keep your options open.

We start by establishing a clear understanding of your vision for the project, then our design professionals step in to make sure your project is done exactly how you want.

Our certified, professional installers have the knowledge and experience to bring your unique design to life with our broad selection of products and materials.

Lakeside CA


Enjoy the beautiful weather under an open style aluminum lattice cover, keep the sun out with a solid style insulated laminated cover, or get the best of both with a combination style Elitewood™ option. Our open, solid, & combination aluminum covers will fulfill any style preference and compliment any patio.

See your world in a whole new light with a Metals Building Products Sunroom! We offer two different styles of sunrooms; The Horizon and The Sunscape. The Horizon sunroom has an insulated roof that is pitched to compliment your existing roof lines and The Sunscape has an insulated flat, solid roof.

Enjoy everything you love about being outside with all the comforts of being inside. LifeRoom is best described as a hybrid between a traditional patio cover and a sunroom. With LifeRoom, you are in total control of your environment. Entertain guests, watch a movie, or enjoy a romantic dinner, all within the comfort of your LifeRoom.

Add value and visual appeal to your home with decorative concrete or paving stones. Choose from a variety of concrete colors from Davis Colors to match any design requirement or give the look and feel of real stone with a fraction of the price with Angelus Paving Stones.

Whether you’re building your dream home or replacing your old windows, add value to your home with ENERGY STAR® energy efficient windows. Our windows come in traditional and custom sizes and are made with vinyl that won’t conduct heat or cold.

Mix style and security with a classic French sliding patio door or stick with a classic style sliding patio door. Our sliding patio doors feature smooth gliding stainless steel rollers that provide long lasting durability and are equipped with energy efficient insulating tempered glass.

Our high-quality aluminum patio covers are designed to shield you, your family, and your guests from the sun’s rays so you can enjoy outdoor picnics, barbecues, and parties even on the warmest days.

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Patio Covers

Your patio is a place where you can sit back, relax, and enjoy the beautiful weather. But during the warm summer months, the intense heat of the sun can make the experience less than comfortable. Fortunately, we have an easy, cost-effective solution. Our high-quality aluminum patio covers are designed to shield you, your family, and your guests from the sun’s rays so you can enjoy outdoor picnics, barbecues, and parties even on the warmest days.
Energy Efficient
Solar panels can be installed on our 4″ insulated covers. Panels will be specifically engineered for your home.

Patio Covers

San Diego Free Standing Patio Cover

Free Standing
These are useful for BBQ areas or pools that are not near another structure.

San Diego Lattice Patio Cover

Traditional lattice covers are useful for allowing air flow as well as keeping most of the sun out.

San Diego Solid Patio Cover

Aside from providing complete protection from the sun, solid covers also keep the rain out.

Lakeside CA
Lakeside CA
Lakeside CA
Lakeside CA

Whether you’re looking to install a single screen or build an entire patio room, screen room or sunroom, we have the tools to get the job done.

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Four Seasons Sunrooms Authorized Dealer

RKC Construction is a licensed Four Seasons Sunrooms Dealer. We offer two different styles of sunrooms; The Horizon and the Sunscape. The Horizon sunroom has an insulated roof that is pitched to compliment your existing roof lines and The Sunscape has an insulated flat, solid roof. All of our sunrooms are installed with vinyl windows featuring high-performace, low-E glass.
Energy efficiency at its best.
Solar panels can be installed on our 4″ vinyl double pane sunrooms. Panels will be specifically engineered for your home.

Horizon Style Sunroom

Horizon Style
With adjoining patio cover.

San Diego Lattice Patio Cover

Horizon Style

San Diego Solid Patio Cover

Sunscape Style

Lakeside CA
Lakeside CA
Lakeside CA

Whether you want to enjoy the great outdoors, hang out with friends on a rainy night, or watch a movie, the LifeRoom will accommodate at the click of a button.

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The LifeRoom by Four Seasons, features motorized Smooth Glide Screens that can be raised or lowered for privacy or to keep the bugs out. Simply touch a button to instantly lower the LifeRoom’s screen and even stormy weather can’t rain on your party.
Take cool to a whole new level.
LifeRoom takes being cool to a whole new level with its innovative, unique, Cool Mist Climate System and Soft Breeze Technology. Not only do LifeRoom’s screens keep bugs and rain out, they also double as amazing projection screens. Soft, soothing, blue LED Mood Lighting illuminates each Smooth Glide Retractable Screen for a calm, relaxing atmosphere.

LifeRoom Features

Silent Glide Motorized Screens
Fully automated retractable screens for complete control against sun, wind, or bugs.

Mood Lighting
Blue LED mood lighting that illuminates each Smooth Glide Screen.

Soft Breeze Technology

Activate a cool, gentle breeze and relax in your LifeRoom in any temperature.

Cool Mist Climate System

Reduce the LifeRoom’s temperature by up to 40 degrees and enjoy the hot summer months in comfort.

Glazed Skylights

Let the light in and keep harmful UV rays out with LifeRoom’s glazed skylights.

Big Screen

LifeRoom’s screens can be used to project movies or the big game onto.

Lakeside CA
Lakeside CA
Lakeside CA

If you’re considering adding decorative concrete to your home, RKC Construction can provide you with top-notch workmanship.

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Certified, Experienced Design Professionals

Your concrete will be installed by certified, experienced professionals; each project we complete is personalized to the preferences of our clients. Before starting our work, we’ll go over all of the options and create a unique plan that fulfills your needs. Choose a Brickform stamp pattern and a Davis color, or one of Angelus Pavers many varieties.
Free estimates.
We offer competitive pricing, and our free estimates thoroughly explain our charges. Our company is proud to be fully licensed and insured, and we’ll complete your project in a safe and efficient manner. You can rely on us to be respectful of your property as we work.


Lakeside CA


Lakeside CA

We offer a unique selection of window brands, and our friendly staff members can assist you with choosing an option that will look great in your home.

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Locally Owned and Operated

Our locally owned and operated company offers free estimates, and with our competitive pricing, you can rest assured that you’re getting an excellent value for your money.
Fully licensed and insured.
Our business is fully licensed and insured, and your windows will be carefully installed by our team of certified, experienced professionals. To ensure that we provide workmanship that will endure over time, we’ll use high-quality materials, and we’ll thoroughly inspect our work to make sure your new windows fit securely. Our commitment to excellence is reflected in our A+ BBB certification, and we work hard to finish each job promptly.

Join and help make a difference.
Ply Gem, country music icon Alan Jackson, and Habitat for Humanity® have partnered to create The Home For Good™ project to help build 300 homes for families in need of affordable housing. Grab a hammer to help provide them with a better place to live, laugh and love — a home for good.

Along with windows, we also install vinyl and entry doors that will fit any taste or design requirement.

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Selection to Suit Any Design Requirement

Please give us a call for more information regarding vinyl or entry doors and one of our installation experts will be more than happy to help you select the best style and material to fit your specific needs.
Fully licensed and insured.
Our business is fully licensed and insured, and your doors will be carefully installed by our team of certified, experienced professionals. Our commitment to excellence is reflected in our A+ BBB certification, and we work hard to finish each job promptly.


Patio Covers San Diego

Lakeside CA
Lakeside CA
Lakeside CA
Lakeside CA

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General Contractor - Lakeside & San Diego California's Best Patio Cover Company

We Aim to Be Lakeside's Best Patio Cover Company and General Contractor RKC Construction is a general contractor based in San Diego that offers a range of services, including everything from sunroom and liferoom construction to patio covers. Take this chance to enjoy the beautiful weather and spend your evenings and weekends getting a breath of fresh air. Keep the sun out with a beautiful sold-style laminated, insulated cover, or enjoy a more open Elitewood patio cover that will provide a little shade but still let you soak up some rays. RKC construction offers something for everyone, including combination aluminum covers that will provide shade in the heat and a little warmth on a bracing, cooler evening.

Patio Enclosure Supplier in 92040

  • Best Alluminum Patio Covers Near Me
  • Now Offering Alumawood Patio Covers
  • Custom Design and Intallation Experts
  • Best pricing and quality
    • We are a leading patio enclosure supplier. If you are looking for robust and durable patio enclosures at a reasonable price, get in touch today. Choose from durable and hardwearing materials with a modern look, and enjoy bright and airy patio designs that will suit any style of home or garden.

      Awning Supplier - Highest Rated Professionals

      • Custom Awnings and Canvas
      • Get the perfect design for your property with our custom awnings service. If you are looking for an eye-catching awning with printed or patterned canvas in your brand's colors or with your logo, then call us today. We offer custom awnings in a range of sizes and styles.
      • Retractable Solutions
      • Our retractable awning solution is ideal for homeowners who would like shaded space for the summer or for showery days, but would like the option to sunbathe too. These space-saving, convenient solutions are easy to use. The awnings will pull out when needed, then conveniently snap back into place at the end of the day, making them perfect for those who live in areas with blustery weather.
      • Metal, Alluminum and Wood Materials
      • Whether you are looking for a rugged metal awning, a sleep aluminum one, or a natural looking wooden awning to suit a rustic garden, we can help. We have something for every style of property, and we can offer fixed awnings or rectractable ones to suit the available space and climate.
      • Commercial & Residential
      • We offer both commercial and residential services, and no job is too big or too small. We are happy to help homeowners looking for a little sunbathing area, restaurant owners who want a large, rustic outdoor area, and events teams that are looking to construct a large outdoor seating space. Call us today to discuss your needs.
      Extend your outdoor living area with a beautiful awning. Our fold-out awnings are ideal for restaurants and pubs that would like to offer shaded outdoor seating areas, and for residential use too. We offer a large selection of stock and custom awnings made from canvas, metal, aluminum or wood. Whether you are looking for a fixed or a roll-out awning, there is something to suit your property.

      Contractor - You Need It, We Build It

      As a general contractor we are always happy to discuss projects. We specialise in windows, doors, liferooms, awnings and patios. We are always happy to be flexible and work on other projects too. If you are in need of something specific then we would be happy to work with you.
      • Commercial & Residential Remodeling and Additions
      • Expand your home or get the extension that you have always dreamed of for your place of business with our remodeling contracting service. Getting an extension for an existing property allows you to remain in your much-loved home even as your family grows. Expand your business without the hassle of updating all your marketing materials, too - and if you ever do decide to move on you can reap the benefits thanks to the increase in value of the property.

      Sunroom Contractor | Enjoy outside while remaining indoors

      Our sunrooms let you enjoy the view of your garden while staying inside - perfect for a bright but blustery day. Enjoy privacy and quiet while still watching the world go by. We are a professional firm of contractors with many years of experience in designing and building sunrooms.
      • Affordable Pricing and Superior Design Liferooms
      • Our liferooms are an affordable extension to your home. We offer the best, most luxurious designs, giving you the look and feel of a top-quality extension for a price that is in the reach of most pocketbooks. Make the most of your family home with these stunning extensions.
      • Skyline, Horizon and Sunscape
      • Soak in the views of the skyline, look out over the horizon, or enjoy the sunscape. We can help you to enjoy the best views, and open up your homes making them feel bigger, brighter and more inviting. We offer everything you need for a stunning sunroom or liferom.
      • Insulated and Great For An Outdoor Living Space
      • Our liferooms are fully insulated, making them cosy and comfortable even in the colder months. Enjoy the outdoors without any of the less glamorous bits; cool and air conditioned in the summer, and cosy when the weather is less friendly. You'll have a living space that gives you great views all year round. If you want to use a sunroom or liferoom as a living space, then you will need to make sure that the room is suitably insulated, and we have a lot of techniques, including double and triple glasing, that can make the rooms snug and cosy for you. This means that you will have a comfortable and warm space in your home, and you won't have to worry about high heating bills. Your sunroom will make a great addition to your home, allowing your family to grow comfortably.

      Door Shop - Make the best entrance!

      We are experts in both interior and exterior doors. Providing homeowners and businesses with welcoming entryways and polished consistency from room to room indoors. We have everything you need for the perfect design. Our doors are secure and strong, but attractive too - choose from solid wood doors, glass doors, and more. We even have dors that are suitable for use in conservation areas, where you would want the best in sustainable wood, perhaps concealing a super-durable aluminum frame.
      • Interior and Exterior Soor Supplier: Installation and Custom Design
      • In addition to offering the interior and exterior doors, we also provide the installation and custom design. This means that you can enjoy stylish, custom-designed doors, and the benefits of improved security too. We have doors to suit any property, and any style of interior decor. It is particularly important to have external doors fitted securely, because these need to be snug in the frame to lock. We understand the different security requirements for internal and external frames, and we are happy to work with you to ensure that the doors you are getting will suit the property, and keep your business safe from burglary or intrusion.
      • Fiverglass, Metal and Wood
      • We offer fiberglass, wood and metal doors for interior and exterior use. Our long-lasting fiberglass doors are lightweight and durable. Our metal doors are ideal for scenarios where extra security is needed, and our wood doors are eco-friendly and stylish. Doors made from a metal core with a wood outer are a popular choice these days because of the security that they offer. They can be lightweight, but stunning looking, and difficult to force - making them ideal for exteriors.

      Concrete Contractor: The foundation of any project

      Our concrete contractor services can help you to get your projects off to the perfect start. We offer the full service including the mixers and other machines that you need for the job, or can supervise the job for you.

      Paving Contractor: Make your concrete stand out!

      • Paving for Stamped Concrete and Paved Walkways
      • Our paving service includes garden paths, driveways and more. We do block paving and faux block paving with stamped concrete. We can help you to get the perfect look for your pavements, whatever style you are looking for. We offer everything from brick to marble-effect, smooth and stone, so you can get the style that will suit your drive or pathway the best.
      • Perfect for driveways, patios and sidewalks
      • Our stamped concrete paving is ideal for walkways and high traffic drives. It offers the same look as block paving but it is hardwearing and longer lasting, and can be easier to keep clean and weed-free in between the 'slabs' too. This paving is perfect for people who are looking to get a luxurious looking driveway with rustic stones or with ornate patterns on them. You can get any stone effect you like, tessalating patterns, or something of your own design, with our innovative stamped concrete system. Our paving and stamped concrete designs are ideal for pattio floors, sidewalks, driveways and more. Anywhere that you will have people walking, we can pave for you. Give us a call to discuss your requirements. We can pave or floor large or small areas to any design, and the coatings we use make the drives easy to spray clean in San Diego County.

      Window Supplier: Clearly a great way to ad to your home

      • Replace your home windows
      • Read our reviews online
      Backyards can be designed to help you with shade and a comfortable home environment. Click or here: for more info. RKC Construction 11649 Riverside Dr #137 Lakeside, CA 92040 (619) 444-5899

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