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Whether you’re looking to install a single screen or build an entire screen room or sunroom in San Diego, we have the tools to get the job done. RKC Construction is a licensed Four Seasons Sunrooms Dealer. We offer two different styles; The Horizon and The Sunscape. The Horizon has an insulated roof that is pitched to compliment your existing roof lines and The Sunscape has an insulated flat, solid roof. Sunrooms are installed with energy efficient vinyl windows featuring high performance, low-E glass.

Sunrooms have become quite popular in many homes these days. You are designing a private “get away” spot in your own garden by adding a sunroom to your home. You can spend hours and hours in your room addition relaxing and enjoying the natural light. On the other hand, a they will increase the square footage of your existing home. It provides a unique and beautiful atmosphere for entertaining, dining, relaxing, and a perfect spot for a hot tub. It can also add to the curb appeal of your home and increase its resale value as a result. A sunroom is the best way to experience the outside while being inside your home. It can also be considered a home addition that extends the warmer season. These are some of the main advantages of adding a sunroom to your home in San Diego.

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Solar panels can be installed on our 4″ vinyl double pane sunrooms. Panels will be specifically engineered for your home.

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    Why Are Sunroom Additions By RKC Construction Popular With Homeowners?

    If you’re looking for a new way to bring the outdoors into your home environment, sunroom additions by RKC construction are a wonderful choice for a home improvement project. Not only does a screen porches make your home more enjoyable and desirable should you look to sell, but it can help you bring in sunny San Diego weather without having to go outside. In fact, if you’re looking for a four season sunroom, RKC Construction can help you build just that as they carry proper licensing in the state! It’s understandable that you may be on the fence about spending money on a sun room addition to your property, which is why you should consider its popularity with other homeowners.

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    Why Screen Porches Are Popular With Modern Homeowners

    *Sunrooms offer privacy: One of the most common reasons that homeowners opt for sunrooms to extend their properties is because it allows them to have enough privacy. If you don’t have a yard that’s private enough or big enough, you obviously wouldn’t want to put your entire family on display, which is why something low-key such as a sunroom can offer plenty of amenities but still give you the privacy you seek from prying eyes.

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    *Sunrooms are energy-efficient: No longer are sunrooms cold and dingy when they’re not in use, which is of course, one of the reasons that makes them such a desirable addition to a modern home. RKC Construction ensures that all of the sunrooms installed are not only energy-efficient, but they feature long-lasting vinyl windows that can help bring in plenty of natural sunlight without losing the energy efficiency of the space. Additionally, if you opt for a four season screen porches, you can enjoy your space year-round.

    *Screen porches are safe: Whenever you consider adding anything to your property, you need to take into consideration whether or not it’s a safe environment. Not only are sunrooms enclosed from all sides, but they’re not easily entered by unwanted individuals. There are plenty of safety locking features that can ensure even your children and your pets can enjoy some outdoor scenery without being subjected to potential safety hazards. Additionally, enclosed patios can help keep out bugs and rodents, therefore, they make enjoying the outdoors easy!

    *Increase your indoor square footage: The problem with many homes is that when they were built, rooms tended to be smaller and entertaining space was almost nonexistent. Unless you’re looking to move and spend even more money, you can increase the amount of square footage your home has by opting for a sunroom extension. The unique and beautiful atmosphere of your new space is ideal for relaxing, working, dining, entertaining, and even installing a hot tub.

    *Sunrooms are cost-effective: You may not think it right now, but enclosed patios are actually very cost-effective. Not only is it cheaper to hire a company to build one for you, but it’s a lot cheaper to add an extension to your property than it is to move. Sunrooms may not be an additional bedroom or traditional office, but they serve as additional entertaining space or living space where you can spend the day and enjoy the natural light that the windows and doors bring in.

    *Sunrooms bring the family closer together: Have you ever wondered why you don’t spend enough time together as a family? The problem with most homes is that they are either closed off or there’s not enough space for the whole family to congregate into one area. If you take the initiative to have a sunroom built for your property, you can think of it as a space where the entire family can gather and enjoy spending time with each other. You can play games, watch movies or even just chat and get to know each other again.

    *Add value to your home: Very few homeowners really think about what a home improvement project really means for the value of their property. Unless this is your forever home, you need to consider whether or not your home is desirable should you look to put it on the market. The addition of a sunroom to your property may mean the difference between selling your property outright or waiting weeks or even months for someone to come along and make an offer. The money you spend right now is money you’ll easily get back when you sell!

    *Enjoy the outdoors: There’s nothing like enjoying the great outdoors, but unless you really want to get out there and get attacked by bugs or smog, you need to really take into consideration how you can enjoy the outdoors without subjecting yourself to these problems. Sunrooms, for this reason, are an ideal addition to any property because it allows you to bring in a little bit of the outdoors and the scenery without having to sacrifice your health in the process.

    If you’re ready to embrace all that enclosed patios have to offer for your property, make sure you get in touch with RKC Construction and ask for a free estimate. Not only can you increase the amount of living space you have in your home, but you can enjoy the great outdoors, add value to your property, and find a way to reconnect with friends and family in a given space! Contact us today to learn more about our sunrooms, enclosed patios, and screen porches in 91962 CA. Thanks for visiting our site.

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